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THE Winter Comfort Food You Need

In winter, comfort foods are the most popular. The Punjabi Sarso ke Saag, Makki ki Roti, and other comfort foods are popular in winter. However, a lesser-known gem from Rajasthan deserves a place on your menu – the delicious Rajasthani Makki Ki Masala Bati. Why not try this delicious and healthy masala baati? It’s a delicious meal that’s easy to make. Pair it with some protein-rich dal for a nod to Rajasthani cuisine. Are you feeling adventurous? Combine it with kadhi chutney gatte or saag to create a winter feast.


Why is Maize Flour a healthy choice? The Health Benefits of Consuming Maize Flour

It’s not just gluten-free, but it’s also a blessing to those who have gluten intolerance. It’s a secret weapon to improve digestion and lose weight. The warming effect? The perfect way to keep the winter chill away. Let’s not forget about the omega fatty acid, which quietly reduces the risk of heart attack. Your body will thank you for making maize flour a part of your winter diet.


What is Rajasthani Masala Makki Ki Baati?


This is not your typical maize roti. It is a culinary marvel. Imagine a dough that is infused with garlic, green chili, and ginger. It also contains a variety of spices, including coriander, cumin, and red chili. Some chefs add spinach or fenugreek to the dough for extra nutrition. The bati is then roasted with finesse in a Bati oven. A touch of oil or butter completes the transformation.


Imagine pairing these golden globes with Panchmela Dal – a concoction rich in protein made from five pulses. What is the result? You’ll want to go back for more. Click here to view the Panchmela Daal recipe.

How to Make Rajasthani Masala Makki Ki Baati

Do you want to be the star of your next winter gathering? Make your Rajasthani masala baati by following these steps.

Mix 2 cups of maize flour in a large bowl with the green chili paste, garlic, ginger, red chili paste, green coriander seeds, cumin, and carom seeds. Add salt, oil, and finely chopped onions.

Add lukewarm (not hot) water to the flour mix and knead into a soft dough.

The Bati special oven should be heated while the dough is being shaped into baatis.

Place the baits in the oven, cover them, and cook on both sides.

Serve these hot baatis generously drizzled in ghee with dal, kadhi, or chutney.

Feeling adventurous? Make baatis using a ppressure cookeror an oven.

Don’t settle for the usual roti routine this winter. With the magic of corn flour, you can explore the rich tapestry that is Rajasthani cuisine. This culinary adventure will delight your taste buds!

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