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These alcohol-based drinks from the 2000s should never have been ordered

Our eyebrows were thin, and fringes were swept. We had an immature palate.

Here are the ten worst drinks we’ve ever ordered.


Jagerbombs were the cause of dusty, bleary-eyed mornings in cities across the country. They either started the party or kicked things into (sugar-high gear in the early hours. The sweet, syrupy Jagermeister shot is poured into a glass of Red Bull. It’s then chugged until the last drop. Classy.

Malibu & anything

Do not get us wrong – a Malibu with pineapple juice, also known as The Poor Man’s Pina Colada, is delicious. It’s not the type of drink we would order for after-work drinks. Malibu was drunk with no remorse in the early 2000s. It was mixed with everything and served as a sweet stepping stone.

Midori & Lemonade

Melon-flavored Midori, which was popular in the noughties, is on the same level as Malibu. The melon liqueur was popularized in the 90s by drinks such as the Midori Illusion and the Japanese Slipper. (Fun Fact: the Japanese Slipper originated in Melbourne in 1984).

Any shot that has a gross title

For reasons you’ll understand if we do a Google search, shots with gross names are synonymous with this period. We drank anything with a bad name, whether it was a reference to body parts or a frisky cowboy.

Creamy drinks

White Russians with Baileys, Toblerone, and chocolate martinis. The espresso martini was able to run because the cream or milk-based cocktail walked. Editor’s Note: Special shout-out to the Black Russian. We see you.

Vodka Cranberry

In the 2000s, being thin was very popular. Throwing down a dozen beers on a weekend night with a dash of cranberry was acceptable.

Agwa Bombs

Agwa Bombs, a short-lived rival to the Jagerbomb and served in bubble glasses with layers of Red Bull and Bolivian Agwa spirit, were a lot of fun. We were convinced that the coca leaves were just one of 37 ingredients. It’s not the Red Bull.

Smirnoff Black Double

Remember the past. You’re wearing a flawless Dream Matte Mousse, you can smell fried hair in the air, and you have a four-pack of Smirnoff Double Blacks in your slouch bag. The night is going to be great.

The Appletini

Appletini’s slapdash “recipe” could include apple liquor, apple schnapps, or any vodka that you could find. It gave balance a good go. The Appletini was sour, sweet, or a combination of both. It may have only been a fad, but it certainly made ‘balance’ ring true.


Oh, how sophisticated. Penicillin was our baptism of fire, just as whisky bars were becoming a thing. We ate these like they were out of style. The Penicillin, with its smoky Scotch and ginger, was a sort of health tonic.

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