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Sterilising jars for pickles and preserves

Make your preserves and pickles to extend the shelf-life of your fruits and vegetables and save money.

Sterilizing your jars can extend the shelf life of your homemade treats.

You can sterilize jars by running the dishwasher’s hottest cycle. This will also sterilize any rubber seals or lids.

If you prefer, wash the jars in hot, soapy tap water, then rinse them under hot water. Place them directly on shelves of a 110degC/90degC pre-heated fan-forced Oven until they are completely dried.

Let seals and lids dry on a towel under direct sunlight. Turn the towel a few times until they are completely dry.

Jars and equipment

Glass jars of good quality are not expensive. They can also withstand being heated during the pickling process and boiled throughout. They can be found in kitchenware shops.

Jars with wide mouths are a great way to store your fruits and vegetables without damaging them.

The shoulder jars are rounded just below the opening. This keeps the fruit and vegetables submerged in pickling liquid.

Flip-top jars make it easy to marinate fruits, vegetables, or pickles, and they are great for quick preserves. They also allow for easy access and reuse. They are great for things that, once opened, must be refrigerated according to the recipe.

When boiling vegetables, fruits, or sauces (such as our tomato sauce), it is best to use screw-top jars. They create a vacuum that prolongs the shelf-life of your preserves.

Consider investing in some preservation weights. They fit inside jars and help weigh down fruits and vegetables so that they stay submerged in the pickling liquid or marinating liquid at all times. The same effect can be achieved by folding over green leaves that have been well-washed.

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