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‘Refuse to believe’: Australians stunned by how cashew nuts grow

Australians have officially lost their minds about a little-known fact about cashew nuts.

Jackson Jansen, a Gold Coast resident, was surprised to discover that the popular “nut,” which is often mistaken for a nut, is actually a small seed growing on the outer surface of an apple variety.

Jansen, who stumbled across the tidbit, shared a Video detailing the surprise he experienced, as well as images of the common snack growing on the exterior of several cashew apples.

What the f*ck? Jansen asked, “You’re telling that this grows on a tree and pushes this nut out? It makes cashews?”

“This isn’t real… I feel as if I have been lied to all my life.”

He wasn’t the only one who didn’t know how to harvest the popular snack. Image: TikTok/Jackson Jansen

The TikTok clip quickly went viral, and many viewers declared that they were “freaking” out by the information.

One person said, “I’m not sure where I thought the cashews came from but that’s definitely not it.”

Another confessed, “I cannot believe that I reached 23 years old without knowing.”

One joked, “I refuse not to believe that.” “Cashews are grown in the supermarket, to me.”

Many people were shocked that cashews were not widely known. They shared their dismay.

One person laughed and said, “It’s crazy that people don’t know about all of this.”

Another said, “I am shocked that people don’t even know about this.”

Cashews are roasted at high heat to remove the urushiol residue. This is done by steaming them in a large rotating drum or vat of boiling oil. Healthline reports that the roasted cashew nuts are then thoroughly dried and peeled before being shelled.

Cashews are often sold as “raw” in grocery stores. They’re labeled this way because they don’t have any flavorings added.

One person said, “Now you understand why they are so expensive.”

Another added, “Look how they shuck them and you’ll understand why they are expensive.”

Cashews are technically seeds, so they’re not true nuts. This sparked a debate on social media about whether cashews were a nut or fruit.

One person asked, “So it’s fruit?”

A person asked: “Why does it call it a nut when it is a seed?” I’m so confused.”

It’s interesting to note that this is not the first time that the internet has been enthralled by information regarding how cashews get onto our plates. In 2019, a picture of the fruit with a cashew protruding from the tree went viral.

The post read: “I was years old today when I discovered that cashews are grown in this way,” according to X, formerly Twitter.

It received almost 16,000 shares and a staggering 77,500 likes. Many called it “mind-blowing”.

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