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Party food Australians like to avoid

If, after stressing about the menu for a dinner party, you regretted it, here’s some bad news:’s readers are very picky when it comes to what they want to be served.

We asked the audience, “What is that dish you hate being served by your friends?” The results were quite surprising.

Here are some things you can cross off your list for dinner parties, from mushrooms to spag-bol to all kinds of seafood.

Spag bol

Our poll revealed that “not everyone can make it well.” Next time, try our most popular recipe (it always works).

Any organs or “offal.”

People hate being served “organs” of any kind at a dinner. It’s fair…

The Chicken

Even chicken cut.’s readers are apparently very picky about how they cook their chicken (only breast fillets, no thighs, not too overcooked or undercooked, etc. Better to avoid it altogether?

Retro dinners

The list included classic meals such as curried sausages, apricot fried chicken, and more. We are just as surprised as you!


Learn the basics first!

Everything with coriander

This herb is a divisive one. It is scientifically proven that it tastes like soap to some people, while others enjoy a pleasant, herbaceous flavor.

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