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Mandatory country of origin labelling: Big change to Australian fish and chip shops

After the government made a major change in food labeling regulations, Aussies could soon tell where their seafood comes from when dining out.

The new regulations will make it mandatory to label seafood in hospitality venues with the country of origin for the first time.

Since 2018, the labeling model has been in place in most retail stores, but it has not been implemented in all restaurants and cafes.

Customers of restaurants and takeaways, such as your local fish and chips shop, must be informed where their seafood or fish was caught. Menus will use a labeling system where “A” stands for Australian, “I” for imported, and “M” for mixed origin.

The government announced in 2013 that it would allocate $1.6 million to the expansion of Australia’s country-of-origin labeling laws to assist consumers in making better-informed decisions.

The new rules were unanimously approved at a Friday meeting of the state and federal ministers responsible for consumer affairs.

It’s not clear when the law will come into effect, but businesses are expected to have a period of transition that will help them adapt. More details will be released next year.

Seafood Industry Australia CEO Veronica Papacosta stated that the industry was “absolutely elated.”

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