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Kellogg’s variety pack ranked from best to worst

They’re loaded with sugar, but the holidays wouldn’t be complete without a variety pack of cereals in the kitchen.

You’re entitled to first choice now that you are an adult and have paid for these things. We’ve ranked them all from worst to best in order to save you a soggy, sad breakfast.

 Sultana Bran

I don’t believe that it’s my fault that Sultana Bran was included in the kids’ variety pack. But this bland bran will be relegated to the back of the cupboard until the next famine. We can’t even guarantee that it will be eaten.

 Special K

This is the cereal that you use to punish yourself for eating late at night. It has the same taste and texture as the cardboard packaging, but you can still feel a little virtuous if you force down a few mouthfuls.

Rice Bubbles

A real money-maker for Kellogg’s. This cereal from the Depression era combines air with the cheapest carbohydrate in bulk to produce a product that has no taste. It’s best to eat it quickly before it turns into a congee.


Someone has sifted through the trail mix to find the best bits. Kellogg’s has covered the cereal in honey to hide it. It works!

 Just Right

You’ve reached your golden years. Just Right’s best feature is its chewy apricot bits, which add a soft, fruity flavor to the rough crackle. It’s just okay for us.

Corn Flakes

It’s not Frosties, but it is still a classic breakfast. The corn is crunchy and tasty, but it needs to be sexified with sugar, strawberries, and yogurt.

Froot Loops

It was impossible to get Mum to buy the box of sugar-crusted rings even if she screamed. The mini packs were, therefore, highly sought after.


The marketing team deserves a high five for convincing parents that the bag of caramelized sweets is actually Iron Man food. It’s hard not to enjoy a bowl of wheat cookies with milk for breakfast and then a few handfuls after dinner.

 Coco Pops

There are no surprises. Coco Pops are the best, and everyone knows that. Even Kellogg’s gives you two boxes and one box of everything else. These crispy, chocolatey puffs are worth the beating your siblings will show you when they find out you ate them at night.

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