Hotel Management Tips to Boost Efficiency, Group Business and Bookings

Hoteliers and management teams constantly innovate to drive more group sales to keep their guests happy. To keep your hotel management strategy fresh and strategic, you must know how to market the experience innovatively.

These hotel management tips will help you keep your property at the top of its game.

Find out which tech tools you have and then use them.

You have a lot of firecrackers to manage as a hotel manager. There is a lot of software that can help you manage your property. A comprehensive management suite such as Hotelogix can streamline your day, from housekeeping to the front desk. Social Tables’ presentation Layer is a great tool to help you grow your event leads. Whatever your goal, a tool can help you achieve it.

Follow the events you are interested in.

The ability to generate leads and convert them into customers is the key to creating revenue in the hotel industry. Although you can attract potential customers with unique content that showcases your hotel’s services, you will need to keep track of them. You can use retargeting tools to track visitors to your site and target them with digital marketing campaigns. This means you can give another chance to those who need a push to book with your company.

Spread the word using social media.

Your hotel’s photos on social media are great promotional assets. You can offer your guests a clever hashtag or Snapchat filter during their stay. It allows their friends to easily find the super cute/charming/amazing/affordable hotel their friend is staying and book their stay there too. It is important to prominently display the hashtag in the lobby, at check-in, on your in-room materials and in other places.

Make your hotel photo-op worthy.

A great picture from a vacation to a beautiful spot is something that people love. Make sure your lobby is beautiful and decorated in a seasonally appropriate way so your guests will stop by to take a photo. Remember to make your hashtag visible to customers so they can use the photos in your next user-generated content [UGC].

Share success stories with others and get them noticed.

Many guests who have had an amazing experience at your hotel will tell you whether they’ve stayed or hosted events there. Reach out to them and ask if they would be willing to share their experience with you via a written interview or video. In return, offer rewards for your hotel. Guests want to hear the honest opinions of other guests more than what they hear about the property. You can build your reputation and sell the benefits of your property by gathering testimonials, both for individual bookings or group events.

Partnership with local businesses

Your property will reflect positively on the experience of your guests. It is possible to connect with local businesses to help bring this about. You can make special offers for your guests if you have good working relationships. If you partner up with a new restaurant in town, your guests will have a pleasant experience. It’s called service by association. Being with cool friends can make you cooler.

Stay on top of the latest trends in hospitality.

If you don’t understand the trends in hospitality, you can’t keep up with the times. So you can stay on top of tech and events, we have compiled a list of top hotel blogs to follow. You’ll be the first to offer new services and stay ahead of industry challenges. This will help you attract more business and increase your top-line revenues.

Incentivize longer stays.

The millennial generation is known for their ability to extend their stay “even after business trips.” Make it easy for them and capitalize on this trend. Send a follow-up email to offer a special deal for extended stays at a lower rate and with no fees. You could also offer a discount or a special deal on your website (even a 5% discount can be persuasive). There are many options, but the result is the same: more revenue for your business.

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