Hotel Management Software: Attracting New Guests

Cloud-based property management systems (PMSs) simplify daily operations, improve customer service and encourage repeat business. This results in happy guests and increased revenue. Modern hotel management software facilitates efficiency and personalization, which turns first-time customers into loyal clients. But it is also essential to understand how cloud-based PMS brings those first-time visitors through your doors.

Expanded reach

More than OTA partners. This connectivity puts the property in front of travelers around the globe and ensures rates and availability across all channels are updated to maximize occupancy and avoid overbooking.

Easy Bookings

Cloud PMS provides direct booking functionality via a property’s website, making booking as simple as possible for guests. This includes booking on mobile. This saves staff and guests time and allows guests to book whenever and wherever they want. You may have a sudden urge at 3 AM to book a getaway. It’s no problem.

You can encourage new customers to book directly by offering them packages and add-ons. But keep them from overwhelming them with options during the booking process. There will be more opportunities for upselling in your pre-stay messages.

The online booking engine and the PMS will exchange information to ensure that reservations made on your website are automatically reflected in your PMS and that availability is adjusted accordingly. This improves efficiency and reduces the chance of errors such as double bookings.

Rate and Revenue Management

Travelers are influenced by price, so offering competitive rates is critical to attracting them. Twenty-seven percent of consumers stated that finding atypically lower prices is their most important factor for travel this year. They’re thinking in terms of dollars. You want the price to be reasonable, or you will lose money.

Cloud-based property management systems offer flexible rate management tools (such as quick overrides and rate reports or day-of-week pricing and packages), which allow for creating and selling the best rates and packages to the correct customers at the appropriate time.

When integrated with an automated revenue-management system, cloud PMS can help power dynamic pricing strategy based on historical pricing and occupancy information and market and competitor analyses.

Targeted marketing

The PMS data is essential for successful marketing, especially guest profiles. Guest Data allows properties to identify the most profitable segments of customers and create effective marketing strategies that target similar audiences. If your clients are primarily young families, advertise your children’s club, not your wine-tasting weekends.

Cloud PMS makes it easy for operators to access data and understand the information that helps them create packages, run advertising campaigns, and develop content marketing strategies that attract new customers.

Review Generation

You can attract more guests if you have more positive reviews. Online reviews increase your property’s credibility, giving new guests a better idea of what they can expect. You may have to ask for these reviews directly. When done correctly, review requests are generally well received. In 2021 65 percent of US consumers will have written a review when asked by a business at least once.

Your PMS can make it easy to ask guests for reviews by automating the review request via email after a stay or integration with reputation management systems and guest messaging platforms.


If you want to attract new guests, ensure your hotel is clean. You can check the reviews of other customers to see what they think. ( One out of four English-language reviews mentioned cleanliness between November 2020 and July 2021.

Your hotel management system helps you maintain high housekeeping standards that will result in positive feedback. WebRezPro integrates its housekeeping report with the front desk. This allows supervisors to track and schedule effectively to include all rooms. The housekeeping checklists help staff to standardize procedures and guide them through specific tasks. Housekeeping notes and maintenance alerts are also available to address issues proactively.

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