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Coriander-flavoured Doritos being sold on Facebook for $580

A divisive bag of chips that only had 500 packets created is being sold online for a whopping $580.

Doritos released a coriander-flavored packet of crisps that were solely created for a giveaway rather than to be sold in stores.

The chip brand’s move was met with skepticism and confusion on Instagram, where fans accused it of trying to execute a wild joke.

Early reaction to the post on social media indicated two things – Australians were either repulsed or really excited.

The flavour was a controversial choice as research shows between three and 25 percent experience a soapy taste when biting into the herb, Professor Russell Keast, from Deakin University’s Centre for Advanced Sensory Science, told SBS in 2019.

The giveaway was solely conducted through Doritos’s Instagram page, with participants having to reveal why they loved or hated coriander.

One Victorian man was lucky enough to score a packet of the limited edition product and is now attempting to sell it on Facebook Marketplace for an eye-watering price.

He originally listed the chips last week for $1000 but has since dropped the price to $580.

The man wasn’t the only one trying to capitalize on the rarity of the chips, with another seller from Sydney listing a bag for $200.

Vandita Pandey, the chief marketing officer for PepsiCo ANZ, said: “We’re excited to see the reaction of chip lovers from across the country as they try our super-limited-edition Doritos Coriander.

“We know some Doritos fans are going to love it, but we also know some will hate it – our legendry triangular corn chip is ready to put tastebuds to the test.

“With the taste of coriander being one of Australia’s most divisive flavours we want to boldly launch the flavour in chip form and see if coriander really does taste like soap. Will it be a sensational hit or a soapy miss? Let us know your thoughts and tag us on social.”

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