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Aussies debate: Do our favourite treats taste different?

Some Australians are suspicious that the taste profiles of some of Australia’s most popular sweets and snacks may have changed.

Online, Australians have criticized some of the nation’s nostalgic treats for losing much of their taste or changing in texture.

Is it just your imagination, or has the taste of some of your favorite childhood snacks changed?

Arnott’s biscuits

Since Arnott changed ownership four years ago, Monte Carlos and Iced VoVos were both cited as having been “murdered” in terms of taste.

A Reddit user recently shared their experience of purchasing Iced Vovos, the first time they’d bought them in “ages,” but is “disappointed” with the snack.

They asked, “What in the world happened?”

The Arnott-owned favorite was also a hit with other Aussies.

Commenters criticized everything from Orange Creams, Shortbread Creams, and Nice biscuits as tasting “stale,” ‘fake’ or simply not nice.

Monte Carlos, in particular, was criticized for using “red and whitened hardened glue” instead of filling, which resembled an unsavory “baby formula by-product.”

One user wrote: “I used work for Arnott’s years ago, and I bought a package of Iced Vovos a few months back on a whim. Boy was I disappointed. I even emailed Arnott’s to express my disappointment.”

They insisted that nothing had changed.

One customer complained that Kingstons were “the size and weight of a 10-cent coin” now, while another said Arnott’s biscuits had “gone to sh*t” after the company switched hands several years earlier.

In 2019, the US private equity company KKR acquired Arnott’s from the US giant Campbell’s Soup Company, which owned Arnott’s for over 20 years.

A spokesperson for Arnott told NCA NewsWire their biscuits have not changed in many years.

A spokesperson stated that the recipe for Iced VoVo, which consists of a smooth fondant with a raspberry jammy topping, coconut, and a sprinkle, has not changed in recent years.

The size of the biscuits has not changed either.

Each pack is weighed to make sure it matches the weight stated on the pack.

Allens lollies

Some Australians have argued that Allen’s lollies are not the same as the sweets they grew up with.

One unhappy Reddit user complained that since Allen’s changed their name from Chicos (to Cheekies), they have become softer and mushier, whereas they used to be chewier like jelly babies.

Is it me, or is there a real change?

Some people suggested that the lollies were likely to contain fewer chemicals than the versions of the ’80s and ’90s. This would change the texture slightly.

Nestle said no recent changes were made to any of Allen’s lollies.

Nestle’s spokesperson stated that “small variations may occur as a result of the age or storage method of the product. However, we strive to maintain a consistent level of quality in all our products so that Allen’s fans can continue to love the Allen lollies.

Burger Rings, Tasty Tobs and Cheezels

In recent years, Kiwis have complained about the “staleness” and “brittleness” of Cheezels and Burger Rings. It was speculated that “lower-quality” cheeses were being used.

The beloved snack Tasty Toobs was criticized last year for “halving in size.”

One woman said that the taste of the snack was similar to tomato sauce.

Another said, “They have lost their flavour.”

Twisties have also been the subject of complaints. The manufacturer Smith’s Snackfood Company blamed the change in 2019 on the switch from canola oil to Australian oil.

The switch affected Doritos Cantina Style tortilla chips, Twisties Burger Rings, Cheetos, and Twisties. Smith claimed that the snack had a “significantly reduced” saturated fat content of up to 86%.

A Smith’s spokesperson said to NCA NewsWire that the company is looking to switch to 100% Australian-made Toobs before the end of this year.

Some Australians believe that it’s just a case of changing tastebuds and not the recipe of childhood favorites.

In some cases, the food we grew up eating may taste completely different.

Reddit users asked about Arnott Tina Wafers in the past year: “Did they ever taste good, or is nostalgia lying?”

They said: “I used to love wafers and thought they were great as a child… but now they taste like cheap, white sugar.”

In the past, Australians’ love for home-grown snacks has forced companies to change their recipes. Arnott’s was caused by consumer backlash in 2016 to alter their Shapes recipe.

Arnott’s has announced that it has changed the recipe of each of its core flavors, adding the flavoring to the biscuit itself rather than using it as a seasoning.

Australians so widely rejected the new formula that five months after its release, the company had to go back to the original flavors.

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