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Woman shows off dead frog from Woolies spinach bag

A young Australian woman allegedly discovered a dead frog in a bag she purchased from Woolworths.

Simone Baker posted a video on TikTok showing off her gross discovery: a dead, rotting frog piled high on top of spinach pasta.

She said, “Woolies you fresh food people. I have a frog right in my spinach.”

Can’t get any fresher than this.

Ms. Baker described herself as “traumatised” after the surprise of finding a frog in a spinach leaf.

She said, “I’ve never been so excited about eating dinner until I saw this.”

One commenter pointed out that the frog had already been covered in sauce, which suggested Ms Baker swirled it around the dish before recording the video.

Some commentators were joking about the health risks.

“That’s a French delicacy,” said a Tiktokker.

Can you please drop the recipe? Another person said, “I already have the frog.”

Woolworths spokesperson said that the supermarket giant had investigated with Ms Baker and the supplier.

The company stated “Our, supplier performed numerous quality checks on this batch and found no foreign objects during the processing. This appears to be an isolated event.”

We work with many Australian spinach farmers, and we take food safety seriously. We have a rigorous process to maintain the quality of our products.

Before they are packaged, we perform a variety of quality checks on our spinach bags, including X-rays to check for foreign materials.

We take customer feedback very seriously, and we understand that this was a surprise to this customer, especially with the online comments about how delicious the food looked.

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