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Victorian health authorities say Elmore water no longer safe after treatment plant breakdown

After a breakdown on Christmas Day at the water treatment plant of a small Victorian town, residents are being advised to use baby wipes in order to keep clean.

At 1.30 pm, the Health Authorities issued an urgent alert to residents of Elmore (about 175km north-west of Melbourne) about the health hazards of tap water.

VicEmergency reported that the town’s storage tank for clear water had been drained after a problem at the Elmore Water Treatment Plant on Monday morning.

Elmore’s tap water is unsafe to drink. “Boiling tap water won’t make it safe.”

Authorities warned residents not to drink tap water.

The agency stated that it is dangerous to use tap water when preparing food, cleaning food, or making baby formula. It also added that animals and pets need to be given bottled drinking water.

Residents are advised to use disposable wipes for personal hygiene.

The health alert stated that “Coliban Water will be delivering bottled water to the affected residents of Elmore. Further details are to follow.”

Residents will be able to use a water trailer to supplement their supply of water in the near future.

Coliban Water (a government-owned utility) said Tuesday morning that the warning “Do not drink” remained in effect.

The company stated, “Ple ase continue to heed all of the ‘do-not-drink’ advice. This includes not using tap water for drinking, preparing drinks, washing and preparing foods, preparing formula for babies, brushing your teeth, or making ice.”

You can use it for toilet flushing, washing your clothes, or bathing. Please do not drink the water.

A water trailer and bottled water are available at the Elmore Water Treatment Plant, located at the base of the Elmore water tower.

We are going door-to-door in the neighborhood today to make sure everyone knows about this advice.

Elmore’s water system will not be back to normal for “several more days,” according to the company.

The company announced on Christmas Day that it was working to restore water treatment in the town.

Coliban said that the plant was currently being restored, but it would take time for normal operation to be resumed.

We will add chlorine to our water supply as soon as we restart water production.

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