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Top trending recipe on Google in 2023

Coronation quiche is the top trending recipe in Australia for 2023

Google Trends may surprise you, but remember that this was the full search term in the weeks leading up to King Charles’s coronation. The King and Queen Camilla chose to serve quiche for their celebrations.

According to the official Royal Family Website, the coronation pie is a “deep, quiche with a crisp pastry case, delicate flavors of spinach, broad bean and fresh tarragon.” The Royal Chef Mark Flanagan designed it and chose to serve it hot or cold because of its affordability, ease of preparation, and versatility.

The best recipe for coronation quiche

We made our version of the coronation pie that we think tastes even better than the original (we didn’t know this because we weren’t invited to Buckingham Palace during the celebrations after the crowning).

We knew that Aussies loved mini quiches, so we asked Food Director Michelle Southan for a smaller version. The recipe is quick and simple to prepare and only requires seven ingredients. Aussie bakers have been making it all year round.

Top 10 Australian recipe searches for 2023

Google has revealed the ten most popular searches of 2014. Coronation quiche may have been the number one search, but the other nine were also very popular. Some of the results were surprising.

Recipe for the Grimace Shake: This was taken from the Macca’s limited edition menu, which was released to celebrate the birthday of McDonald’s iconic purple blob. You can make this shake at home using milk, ice cream, blueberry syrup, and purple food coloring. If you’re a health-conscious person, top it with whipped cream before serving.

Coronation chicken: This coronation poultry recipe was the one that people continued to make from at the time Charles put his first crown on. This classic recipe was made with a mixture of mayo, creme fraiche, and lemon juice to balance the sweetness of the straight mayonnaise.

Anzac biscuits recipe from the CWA: Although many wanted the Country WWomen’sAAssociation’sexpertise to nail the classic ANZAC recipe this year,r we found that Aussies could not get enough of our recipe, which keeps all types of ANZAC cookie lovers happy. This recipe includes three small tweaks so you can make one biscuit dough and bake it differently for soft, chewy, or crispy biscuits.

Chicken Honolulu Recipe: We love this tropical Hawaiian recipe so much that we’ve got two recipes. The classic sticky version is always a hit, but the retro Honolulu Rissoleshase became a family favorite in 2023.

Lamb Stew Recipe: Our most popular recipe for lamb site is made in a crockpot to save time and effort. This recipe was cooked by Aussies on repeat all winter 2023.

Pornstar Martini Recipes: We love the Passionfruitversion so much that, more recently, we made a Gin version as well. Cheers!

Marry Me Chicken Recipe: This dish, which has been made famous on social media this year, is nothing more than sauteed chicken in a cream and sundried tomato sauce (similar to our Italian one-pot chicken). It is said to be so delicious that it can induce marriage proposals…

Recipe for chicken and leek pies: This version of the classic chicken and leek pies has received rave reviews, with one site member describing it as ” elicious and easy… best served on a cold evening.”

Creamy chicken, lee,k, and mushroom pie recipe

Modak Recipe: These little sweet dumplings have a coconut sugar filling. It is considered to be one of GGanesha’s favorite dishes and is used in Buddhist and Hindu prayers.

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