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This Winter, Take Your Love For Pinni To A Whole New Level With Delicious Kabuli Pinni Recipe

The aroma of Pinni, or Panjiri, fills many Indian homes as soon as winter begins. This marks the beginning of cozy traditions. Pinni, a popular winter treat, is made from ghee and sugar with flour and nuts. Kabuli Pinni is a twist on this classic that you must try. Kabuli Pinni is a unique twist on the traditional version. Its flavor and texture will surprise you. This pinna is made with Kabuli Chana (chickpeas) and has a nutty taste. It also boasts a high nutritional value. This version is sure to please those who love the traditional Pinni.

The Origin of Kabuli Pinni

Kabuli Chana is not from India, as its name suggests. Pinni is a beloved winter treat that has been enjoyed for generations. Kabuli Pinni is a variation of Kabuli Pinni that draws its inspiration from the rich culinary heritage of the region. It offers a unique variety with distinct ingredients and preparation.

Why Choose The Unique Kabuli Pinni?

Kabuli Pinni is a delicious departure from traditional Pinni. Its unique ingredients and thoughtful preparation promise a delightful change. The combination of roasted chickpeas, crumbly khoya, and a variety of nuts makes for a delicious and harmonious flavor and texture. You’ll feel the warmth of winter as you enjoy these sweet little balls.

How to make Kabuli pinna I Recipe for Kabuli Pinne:

Roast Chickpea flour
Add chickpea flour to a hot pan of ghee. Continue stirring for 3-4 minutes until the flour is light brown. Let it cool on a plate. It will initially be liquid, but it will become solid when you mix it with sugar and khoya.

Roast Khoya:
Dry roast the crumbled khoya in another pan until it turns light brown. Stir continuously to prevent sticking (this will take around 5-6 min).

Combine Flour with Khoya
Add the chickpea flour and remove the khoya. Mix well.

Add Nuts & Fruits
Add the almonds, pistachios, and raisins. Assure even distribution, and place the mixture aside to cool.

Optional milk Drizzle
Pour a little milk on the mixture if it is too dry. This step is optional and should only be used if the mixture becomes too dry to form balls.

Shape into Balls:
Shape the mixture into round balls once it is warm enough to handle.

Decorate Coconut:
Decorate each Pinni by adding desiccated Coconut.

Cool Completely
Allow the Pinnis a chance to cool down completely before placing them in an airtight package.

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