The biggest mistakes hotel managers make

Consider a career in hotel management if you want to have a job where every day is different. Our profession involves a staggering number of details. Virtually every decision is a chance to strengthen or weaken the entire operation. To be a successful businessperson, you need to be able to change directions quickly and solve issues on the spot.

Consider resource management as an example. Hotels are under more pressure to reduce their environmental footprint as the price of electricity increases. There are many ways for managers to conserve resources, including LED lighting, water-saving measures, high-efficiency appliances, and solar panels. The hotel’s profits will significantly reduce if these options are not explored or used.

Another oversight that can cost you a lot is poor housekeeping. Look at popular review sites like TripAdvisor or Google. Many negative reviews focus on housekeeping problems. One guest who feels the room was not cleaned properly can significantly impact a hotel’s reputation online. Lack of cleanliness is one of the main reasons for bad reviews. We need more statistics to prove this. To avoid this trap, you must have a clear directive, thorough oversight, regular inspections, and better training for your staff.

What about the truth in advertising? Another mistake can get hotel managers into serious trouble. It is easy to keep track of your hotel’s promotional photos, location online and if they match up with your current fittings. These things can be forgotten in the busy year of a busy hotel. OTA listings often need more accurate photos of different room types. This is due to either confusing upload procedures or hotel managers taking shortcuts. Negative experiences for guests are created, and the hotel’s reputation is damaged.

This is another area that many people need to improve on. Priorities can be overlooked, or personalities clash. Managers can lose sight of how important it is to have motivated and happy staff. It also elevates the experience of being a supervisor.

This is easier said than accomplished. Building rapport with your employees, recognizing their hard work, and including them in solving critical problems requires empathetic and skilled leadership. This gives a hotel a solid foundation when done right. If there is a lack of good leadership, the team and the guests pay a high price.

What is the most common mistake made by hoteliers?

One of the biggest mistakes in 2018 is not knowing how many choices travelers have today. If we know, failing to act on this isn’t good. The hospitality industry has become more transparent and competitive. No longer can we say, “This is my product, and I hope you like it.” New properties are popping up in Australia and around the world. They range from boutique hotels to privately managed apartments. Technology continues to have an enormous impact on hotel design. Management styles are becoming inclusive. Likewise, service models change according to what executives and managers think the people want. Travelers are making choices, and they’re vocal about them.

Although hotel managers should not feel pressured to make drastic changes just because a guest has said something, they should still be aware of how things are changing. Certain aspects of hotel management do have a fundamental importance. The development of a strong hotel team is always essential. Also, the standards in housekeeping must be high. Employees should be given what they want, resources must be conserved, and truthful advertising must be practiced. These mistakes will always affect performance.

What matters more in our industry is to understand what guests want, take action and acknowledge that value, then capture business for the long term. These issues highlight that professional hospitality is based on established values but are also a conversation. To thrive professionally and avoid costly mistakes, a hotel manager must join the conversation and take a genuine interest in what guests want.

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