The Biggest Advantages of Running a Small Hotel

Running a small hotel in the midst of large chains may be intimidating, but independent hotels have many advantages and are appealing to consumers today. Small and boutique hotels offer a unique travel experience and excellent service. They also have the flexibility to create their image and innovate.

Greater Operational Freedom

Chain hotels are no different from any other large organization. They must adhere to rigid processes determined at the corporate level and implemented in the hotel. Small hotels can create their branding, strategies, and software. They are not bound to generic services or generic branding, which can limit creativity and innovation.

Standardization is an excellent way to manage hotels in multiple locations. However, franchisees and chain operators need more control over their particular operation’s marketing, pricing, strategy, or software.

Independent properties, on the other hand, have complete operational freedom. This means they can create their unique selling proposition, stand out in a crowd, and respond quickly to changes in the market to stay relevant. The ability to select software tailored to their operation’s unique needs is a significant advantage. It allows operators to innovate and streamline processes to meet their specific business requirements while also moving away from outdated systems.

Freedom to Hire the Right Team

Owners of boutique hotels can devote more time to creating the perfect team to represent their brand. Owners can interview and hire potential employees to determine if they express their company’s values. It is advantageous to have hand-picked employees passionate about your property and its role in the community.

People who believe in their company’s values and are satisfied with their job tend to give better service. Small hotels with a carefully selected team often offer a better stay experience than larger ones without a hands-on hiring procedure.

Offer a Unique Local Experience

Both travelers and hotel operators benefit from small and boutique hotels because they provide authentic, unique experiences that are not available anywhere else. Operators increase occupancy, revenue, and reach by advertising an exclusive experience. Travelers enjoy a truly amazing, memorable stay.

For this, lodging operators must focus on the current opportunities around them. Partnering with local businesses and providers to offer sustainable farm-to-table dining or guided nature tours featuring hidden gems that only locals know.

Personal Customer Service

Smaller businesses are less likely to let complaints slip through the cracks and more likely to provide personalized service. Smaller hotels have fewer employees and guests to deal with and fewer bureaucratic hurdles to clear.

If a guest has a problem, they can usually get assistance quickly (especially if Guest Messaging is available!). The guests don’t have to use a call center or go down 11 floors to reach the front desk. The staff member will recognize them and know which room they stay in. ).

Smaller operations depend on word-of-mouth advertising and maintaining a good reputation, as they need more money to invest in mass marketing or public relations (PR). Smaller and boutique accommodations are more motivated to maintain high customer service standards. Smaller hotels have more freedom to implement customized service strategies.

Enjoy a Value-packed Stay

Small businesses are just some of the ones that offer guest loyalty programs. Hotel franchises offer guest rewards programs. These programs may attract frequent travelers who wait for their investment to pay off and can redeem their points at different locations. However, independent lodgings and boutique hotels can encourage loyalty by offering immediate value and special deals.

Online shopping has made customers accustomed to instant rewards. Point programs are, therefore, less relevant and appealing to this group. Instant prizes are particularly suitable for infrequent travelers. Small hotels should and can offer discounts and added value to their customers to help them stand out.

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