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Summertime: The Perfect Mint Lemonade Recipe

Perfection is not possible, as they say. However, it is possible to be perfect during the summer heat. My Mum invented it, and it’s the best mint lemonade recipe!

My Mum and I were big lemonade drinkers when we discovered that you could add fresh mint. It’s much easier to drink cold water immediately as it is hot. Also, you want to save time and energy on making a drink. You can pamper your loved ones and yourself with mint lemonade.

Pinkie promises it’s easy, and you only need lemons and water. The mint, too. And the honey. Counting the ingredients with your fingers is still possible, so it counts as an “easy dish.”

You will need these ingredients to make mint lemonade perfect:

A few lemons. I chose three medium lemons. (Depending on your drink’s sourness, I recommend not getting carried away). The lemon flavor should remain subtle. That’s what makes lemonade refreshing. Don’t you find extra sour foods that make you sweat? It’s not just me!


fresh mint leaves

1.5 l cold water

Fresh mint can be found in almost every store or market, but fresh mint is best taken directly from your garden (or that…).of your parents).

My Mum and I developed a “technique” for making lemonade. Water goes last. *wink*

Cut the lemons into halves and then squeeze them into a large glass. You can use your hands, a fork, or any other fancy tool here. You can add seeds as long as they are not counted.

Add a few tablespoons of honey to the lemon juice. 2 to 3 is enough. For example, if you serve this to children, you may want to add another.

After you have washed the mint leaves, chop them and add them to the honey/lemon mixture. Mix everything using a long wooden spoon. Give the mint leaves a little squeeze every so often. This technique will make honey dissolve faster, and fresh mint flavors emerge.

You can taste it to determine if it is sweet enough. Add extra lemon slices for a more fancy appearance and robust lemon flavor.

Some extra tips:

Try adding mint syrup to honey instead. It will be a great decision.

You can also add lime juice to the mix – it goes fantastic with the mint.

Orange juice is a good option if you have picky children.

Feel free to add extra fruits and juices (honeydew makes a great addition).

Although this recipe is simple, some still struggle to find the right balance of sweetness and tartness in lemonade. I was one of those people.

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