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Smoothie Freezer Bags

Smoothies are delicious because they are quick and easy to make. Sometimes, I want to throw everything in the blender and enjoy it. Making a smoothie every morning might take some effort to increase your energy. It takes time to peel, chop, blend, and clean up. There will be mornings when you need more time. You can freeze everything, that’s why!

Yep! Yes, you read that right. Freeze your smoothie. This simple method will give you a delicious smoothie ready to go quickly.

You will only need your favorite fruits and vegetables and some freezer bags. A blender is also helpful.

Because spinach is super healthy, I chose bananas, kiwis, and apples. I had this, but you can mix and match your ingredients. Because it adds a nice texture, I recommend including bananas in every smoothie recipe.

While you must put in a little extra effort when making smoothie bags, it is well worth it. This is also an excellent way for fruits to be preserved and not go to waste. This is a perfect way to save fruits or vegetables at risk of becoming spoiled.

Wash all fruits. Peel the fruits (including apples) and cut them into large pieces. They will be blended anyway.

Depending on how many smoothie bags you make, you can divide the ingredients into portions. I filled the 1.5l ziplock bags. You can also add them all. I have the fruits in layers for visual purposes. You can mix the fruits in the blender anyway. Make sure you lay them flat after you have filled them. They might freeze in large chunks, making them difficult to blend.

To keep the fruits fresh longer, add some lemon juice to them. Could you put them in the freezer? Take one out whenever you feel like making a smoothie. If you don’t like frozen smoothies, blend them in their original form (fixed). To make the smoothie more drinkable, add some liquid. Add milk, yogurt, fresh citrus juice, or plain water. There are many options.

You can add chia seeds to your dish for extra health. Chia seeds are very versatile and can be used in almost any recipe. To make it sweeter, you can add honey. Honey is also healthy. There is no better way than honey to begin your day.

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