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Reason behind changing flavour of your favourite snacks

Aussies who complained of the changing taste of some of their favorite chips in recent years were told that it was due to an oil replacement.

Smith’s Snackfood Company (owned by PepsiCo) and one of Australia’s most popular snack manufacturers announced their switch to Australian Canola Oil in 2019.

The switch affected Doritos tortilla chips, Tostitos Cantina tortilla chips, Twisties, Burger Rings, and Cheetos. Smith claimed that the snack’s saturated fat content had been “significantly reduced” by as much as 86 percent.

Last year, the popular snack Tasty Toobs was criticized for “halfing” in size.

Facebook users have also asked if the flavor of Toobs has changed. One woman compared it to tomato paste.

Twisties also received similar complaints.

A disgruntled Australian complained on Reddit about the “apparent change in formulation” to Tasty Toobs earlier this year.

They asked the users of the platform, “Or (is this a) bad lot?”

One person wrote: “The new ones taste slightly different, too. Both my wife and me think so. They are still good but slightly different than what they used to be years ago.”

Another person said, “I feel that the last few packs I have had are almost thinner. They’re not puffy anymore?”

Reddit users have pointed out two factories that make Tasty Toobs: one in Poland and another in Australia.

One person commented that “the ones made in Australia are better tasting and have a smoother texture.”

The bottom right-hand corner of the back label will indicate the country where the product was manufactured.

A Smith’s spokesperson said to NCA NewsWire that the company is looking to switch to 100% Australian-made Toobs before the end of this year.

Kiwis have also complained about the “staleness” and “brittleness” of Burger Rings and Cheezels in recent years.

The company said that it switched to a new type of oil. However, rumors had been circulating about a “lower-quality” cheese.

Danny Celoni, chief executive of PepsiCo ANZ, said that the company has widely adopted the use of Australian canola to help achieve its health goals.

He said, “Smi,th’s Chips made the switch to Australian canola in 2018 and we are now proud to have rolled this change out to more of our snack brands, like Doritos or Twisties,” in a press release.

Australians are now more concerned than ever about their health and wellbeing.

This switch will reduce the saturated fat in the Australian snack range by more than 90%.

Mr Celoni stated that “we have made changes to our products, packaging and portfolio to ensure we meet the needs of our consumers.”

The team is working hard to reduce added sugars, saturated fatty acids, and sodium in food and beverages.

The switch to Australian Canola Oil is also good news for Australian farmers.

Mr Celoni stated that the company purchased about 14,000 tons of canola oils from farmers in NSW and Victoria.

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