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‘Probably from a pigeon’: Frustrated customers complain of shrinking KFC chicken

Some customers have even gone so far as measuring their meals. One of Australia’s favorite fast-food chains has been criticized for reducing portion sizes.

Australians are upset that the size of KFC’s chicken pieces has shrunk unreasonably.

One Perth customer measured a portion of chicken to show that it was shorter than 6cm.

On Saturday, they asked on Reddit: “Has anyone else noticed that KFC Chicken Prices are so Low?”

There is no taste and little or no batter.

The breast pieces of the chicken today were two inches, and the wings were even smaller.

Australians shared their experiences of “shrinkflation” in the comments.

One person wrote: “It is probably from a Pigeon.”

Another person said, “Yep. I’ve noticed that they are getting smaller.”

One user thought that KFC might be cutting the chicken breasts into two pieces before selling them, as they did at Red Rooster.

Some people felt that after the Covid scandal, “all major fast-food chains” were a “huge scam.”

Another person wrote: “KFC uses chickens that are the size of quails. They definitely don’t use full-size chickens and never have.”

Many people thought that “baby chicks” were used.

One person said, “That’s probably about 1.5 weeks old chicken.”

The report follows similar ones made earlier in the year, which claimed that KFC’s chips, burgers, and tenders also shrank.

In April, one frustrated customer posted a picture of his KFC burger on Reddit and claimed that “shrinkflation finally hit KFC.”

The funny-sized chicken fillet was accompanied by the comment, “The worst part is that someone decided it was fine.”

One person wrote: “The burgers are smaller – I had my first zinger burger in about 10 years this year, (so), either my hands have grown twice as big or something is going on.”

Another person said, “Yeah when does it become a nugget and stop being a tender?”

“I know that they have been shrinking, but this was taking the piss.

While there have been some complaints about the “thinner” chips on both sides, despite the fact that they cost more, most of the heat has centered around the size and shape of KFC’s tenders.

One customer was disappointed when he received a KFC tender in June. He compared it to the length of an ordinary chip.

Reddit user said: “Yep, we’re being ripped-off. They were definitely longer and thicker when …” was first released.

Another said, “It’s more like a KFC slender!”

“I will not go there any more, the tenders that used to look huge now appear to be nuggets.”

A spokesperson for KFC said, “We are proud to offer great chicken at a great price.”

The chicken is fresh and delivered directly from our suppliers, so that some pieces may be slightly smaller.

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