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One-ingredient banana ice-cream recipe

The internet has recently been introduced to the “magic,” one-ingredient banana ice cream. This recipe is keto, vegan, and dairy-free. It’s also gluten-free. There are no prizes to guess the single ingredient.

The recipe for this one-ingredient banana ice cream has been known in certain circles (we’re talking to you, vegans) for many years. However, the American website Salon published an article about it that encouraged people around the world to try it.

We have been fans for quite some time and are happy to see that this brilliant trick is back on the scene.

Make banana ice cream with just one ingredient

1. Freeze ripe bananas.

2. Blend the frozen bananas until they are ice cream consistency in a food processor.

It’s really that simple. The water-soluble pectin in bananas breaks down after blending, and the soft serve is created. Here’s our super simple banana soft serve if you need specific amounts. This recipe only has two ingredients, but the lemon juice adds a bit of extra flavor and makes it easier to blend.

Try different flavors

Try adding some cinnamon, honey, or blueberries to give it a little extra zing. Here are some foodie suggestions:

Banana, blueberry & lime soft serve

Continue with the banana soft serve recipe, adding 210g (11/2 cups) frozen blueberries to the food processor. Also, finely grated lime rind and two limes. Serve with blueberries.

Soft-serve banana with honey and spice

Add 60ml (1/4 cup) of honey and one teaspoon of ground cinnamon to the food processor. Serve with additional honey.

Choc, Peanut & Banana Soft Serve

Add two tablespoons of cacao powder and 90g of smooth, natural peanut butter to the food processor. Serve with chopped roasted nuts.

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