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Masterchef Matt Preston’s secret chicken wing recipe revealed

We are in the midst of the entertaining season, and figuring out how to feed a large crowd is on our list.

There are thousands of recipes to satisfy your guests. From crazy cob loaves to marvelous beefballs and anything else you can think of.

In our opinion, chicken wings are the perfect party food!

The chicken wings can be a great vessel for sweet, salty, and sticky flavors. They’re also relatively inexpensive to purchase, making them a great party food for all of your friends.

Matt Preston has shared his tips and tricks for perfecting a CRISPY chicken wing. There’s nothing more disappointing than a plate full of soggy wings after you’ve spent hours on a crisp wing quest.

Matt Preston explains how to make crispy chicken wings

Matt has outlined three simple steps to guarantee the crispiest, juiciest, and most delicious wings in the world.

1. Create a special salt mixture

To achieve crispiness, you need to use a mixture of three parts baking powder and one part salt. You then coat the wings with this mixture. Matt says, “It activates amino acids and makes the skin crispier.”

2. Refrigerate overnight

You will not be able to eat the wings immediately, but it’s worth the wait. You must place the wings on a baking sheet and leave them uncovered in the refrigerator overnight after coating them with the salt-baking soda mixture. Matt says that this will make the wings even crispier (dry = crispy).

3. Air fry them

Air fryers are the queens of all things better, including chicken wings. These wings get cooked at high heat (200C) for 25 minutes, which Matt and our food director Michelle Southan found to be the perfect temperature and time to ensure the crispiest-yet-juiciest wings.

What is the best sauce for chicken wings?

Each crispy wing requires its spicy sauce. Matt shares his cheat recipe for buffalo wing sauce that will take your wings from good to GREAT. Pour the butter, rice wine vinegar, and hot sauce over your wings to be transported into wing heaven.

Michelle said: “Oh WOW, Oh WOW, OH Wow.”

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