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How to bake Taylor Swift’s sugar cookies

She has also invited lucky fans to her home for a cookie-baking and 1989 listening party. She’s also reportedly baked homemade cinnamon rolls for her boyfriend, NFL player Travis Kelce, and his team.

The singer is a master baker despite her busy schedule.

Taylor Swift’s chai-sugar cookies

While scrolling through TikTok, I came across videos of Swifties making Taylor’s chai-sugar cookies (originally Joy the Baker’s 2009 recipe, which the singer adapted).

The recipe said that the spicy and warm flavors of chai would blend beautifully with the sweet sugar in the cookies. I was convinced after watching people make soft, warm cookies with a sugary, smooth mixture and then pour it on top.

We all knew that Christmas was approaching, and we began to plan what we would bring. We have a range of bakers at – from experts to novices. I was one of the latter. So, when Christmas approached, I started thinking about what festive treat to make for my family.

Taylor Swift’s recipe for cookies was a good start, but we added our twist to it. We think we have the perfect cookie.

The ultimate cookie inspired by Taylor Swift

Sweet and buttery cookies with a texture similar to shortbread and a mild flavor of chai. Imagine a chai latté in a cookie.

These cookies are a great way to spread joy and pass the time until Taylor’s Eras Tour, which begins in February.

Get baking! Put on your favorite Taylor Swift song and your apron.

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