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Homemade Hummus Recipe

Hummus is the favorite food of vegans. Although I’m not vegan, I once bought hummus at the supermarket. It was a disappointment. I tried it again, and it was a huge disappointment. I decided it was time to make it myself. Hummus is easy to make and healthy. It can also be used as a substitute for meat.

Hummus is an Egyptian-based recipe. Its main ingredients include smashed chickpeas, tahini, and garlic.

Tahini, a paste made from sesame oil and seeds, can be found in all major supermarkets.

The stock can be kept for later.

2 Place the chickpeas into a food processor. Blend until smooth. To aid in the blending, add some stock water.

3. Mix the tahini paste with spices. Give it another good stir.

4 Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Let them sit for at least 8 hours, then cool down before boiling.

Boil them for at least 40 minutes. Check them periodically to make sure they are still soft and edible.

Chickpeas are thin, like beans, and must be peeled once if you want creamy, smooth hummus.

After boiling the chickpeas, allow them to cool off before peeling them. Although it may take some time, it is well worth it. It’s better to peel them while they are still wet than when they dry.

Add some water to the place where the chickpeas were boiled. This will make it easy to blend the two.

Mix all the chickpeas. Add the tablespoons of tahini to the mixture and mix it well. Although I wouldn’t say I like tahini very much, if you love it, you can add more than a few tablespoons. This makes homemade food unique: you can control the ingredients used in your recipe.

The subtle flavor of turmeric is what I love, as well as the beautiful color.

Hummus makes a great dip and is super healthy.

I’m so happy I was able to make my own Hummus recipe. It’s way better than the one you get at the grocery store and easy to make.

I hope you enjoy the recipe. Let me know if it works for you! If you enjoyed this recipe, please share it with friends!

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