Food and Drinks

Food and drink for matching your BBQ

Prawns with sparkling wine

It’s hard to think of a better way to end your barbecue than with chargrilled shrimp, accompanied by a glass or two of bubbly. The perfect accompaniment to your shellfish is a chilled glass of Moutard Brut Grand Cuvee.

Chicken with Mojitos

We guarantee that you will never look back. Cuban citrus is the best!

Red meat and cab sav

Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz are good reds for fattier cuts of beef or lamb. For a leaner meat cut like lamb backstrap or porterhouse steak, fruity wines like Sangiovese or grenache are ideal. Still, using the leftover Christmas ham? Serve with citrusy sangria and crisp up the slices on the barbecue.

Salmon and Tom Collins

Most people pair grilled Salmon with White Wine, but we prefer a Lemony Gin Cocktail to bring out the flavors of the dish without overwhelming them.

Mushrooms with pinot noir

Vegetarian meals are usually quite flexible when it comes to matching drinks. We recommend that you serve your vegetarian guests a small amount of pinot gris if you are grilling large mushrooms. Grilled veggies are great with Merlot, while veggie burgers go well with Sauv Blanc.

Pork and beer

You can’t go far wrong with a cold beer or apple cider. Or, in this case, both!

Turkey and sangria

In January, people are looking for leaner proteins. The sweet Turkey that you grill on the barbecue goes perfectly with a chilled, sweet homemade Sangria. If you want to stick with wine, choose a red that is easy on the palate, like Merlot.

Seafood margaritas

The sweet and salty Margarita cocktail is a great way to combine baby octopus with bugs, lobster, and Calamari. Ole!

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