Exclusive Expedia Member Promotions to Attract Value-Packed Guests

Expedia and other online travel agencies provide a reliable booking source that can help you reach more people than if you were to do it alone. Many travelers choose to book directly, but others use OTAs to compare prices and book travel due to their convenience.

Expedia Group members can earn Expedia Rewards on every purchase. This includes hotels, flights, rental cars, activities, and packages. The points can also be used for other assets, not just stays. This is a great incentive.

Expedia Group members tend to spend, stay, and book more than non-members. Members Only offer exclusive deals for over 100 million Expedia Group members can help you target these high-value customers.

Expedia Member-Only Promotions: Drive ROI

Expedia Group research shows that travelers are motivated by discounts during travel rebounds.

  • 65% of travelers use a price filter to search on a booking website.
  • If you offer a room discount of 50% more, travelers will book an additional night.
  • When choosing accommodations for their first trip following the pandemic, 30% of travelers will look at promotions and discounts.

Creating a promotion strategy that will deliver a high return on investment is essential. Travelers are always looking for deals, so it’s more important than ever. A Members Only Promotion is an excellent way to focus your promotion on high-value guests, such as frequent travelers who stay longer. It also improves your visibility when people search.

High-value guests are the best targets.

Expedia Group members spend and book more than twice as much per night as non-members. They also travel more often. Expedia Group loyalty program members stated that 60% expect to travel at least several times per year.

You can increase your profits by increasing the number of guests who are worth their money.

Search results that stand out

The Members Only badge is an exclusive promotion that will help you stand out when travelers search. The Members Only badge will help you stand out from the crowd and attract more attention to your listing.

Manage Expedia rates and promotions with WebRezPro.

When your Expedia account and WebRezPro’s property management system are integrated, managing your Expedia inventory is much easier.

If you have a two-way integration, WebRezPro will send pricing and inventory updates to Expedia, and Expedia will deliver reservations and modifications directly to WebRezPro. Even a single-way connection can save time. While automatic inventory and pricing updates aren’t supported, WebRezPro receives Expedia reservations straight from Expedia.

It would help if you correctly mapped your Expedia room types and rate plans in WebRezPro. This will ensure Expedia bookings in WebRezPro are associated with the correct rate plan. Please get in touch with WebRezPro Support whenever you change your rate plans in Expedia Partner Central so that we can update the mapping.

Re-mapping does not need to be done when adding a promotional rate (such as Members Only) over an existing rate in Expedia. As long as the base plan rate remains unchanged, it is okay. Bookings made on Expedia promotional rates are imported into WebRezPro, with the discount applied.

WebRezPro allows you to review your Expedia strategies anytime, without needing to log into Partner Central.

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