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Calories in Australian drinks revealed

Calorie counters, here’s the ultimate list: all of your favorite drinks. We’ve covered everything from alcohol to soft drinks to milk and tea. Our nutritionist has compiled this list so that you will never have to worry about what you are drinking.

How many calories are in alcohol?

Calories from vodka: 30ml contains 61 calories

Whisky calories: 30ml of whisky contains 61 calories

Gin calories: 30ml of gin contains 62 calories

Calories of sparkling wine: A 100ml glass contains 69 calories.

White wine calories: 70 calories per 100ml (1 standard drink).

Calories from red wine: A 100ml glass contains 76 calories (1 standard drink).

Calories of beer (regular-strength lager): A 330ml bottle contains 102 calories

How many calories are in soft drinks, juices, and other beverages?

Calories in soda: 0 calories

Coconut water calories: 58 in a glass of 300ml

Orange juice (packaged). 113 calories per 300ml.

Orange juice (fresh) has 134 calories per 300ml.

Lemonade calories: 131 in a can of 375ml

Calories in Coca-Cola: 161 calories in a 375ml can

How many calories are in tea?

Black tea calories: 3 calories per mug

Tea with milk has 20 calories per mug

How many calories are in milk?

Full cream milk has 70 calories per 100ml

Calories of light milk: 51 calories per 100ml

Calories per 100ml of skim milk: 36 calories

Soy milk has 55 calories per 100ml

Calories of almond milk (unsweetened). 17 calories per 100ml

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