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7 Heart-Warming Food Tales That Made The Internet Smile In 2023

Year End 2023: Aren’t we all happy when someone makes us extra special? The thought behind the gesture is more important than the size of it. It’s not often that people are willing to take the initiative. So when they do, we notice. Why not go back in time and read some of these heartwarming stories as the year comes to a close? This year, we saw many such acts of kindness. A Michelin-starred chef cooked a special dinner for a retired flight attendant, and a mother made extra lunches for her son’s friends. Another man bought the entire stock of fruit from an older woman. We have compiled a list that includes heartwarming stories from 2023.

Seven food stories that will inspire the Internet in 2023

1. Sign language Birthday Message From Waiter To Guest

In a video posted by Goodnews Correspondent on Instagram, you can see a server carrying a cake plate to an older woman’s table. They were thrilled when the waiter sang the birthday song using sign language. The Internet praised and admired his thoughtful and sweet gesture.

2. an older woman buys an entire fruit stock from a man

This is a heartwarming tale of a Punjabi man. In the video, he interacts with an older woman sitting behind her fruit stand. He starts a conversation to ask her about her earnings. After learning that she doesn’t earn much money, he buys the entire stock of fruit from this place.

3. Vikas Khanna Cooking for Retiring Flight Staff Member

Vikas Khanna, a Michelin-starred chef and cooking enthusiast, is a source of inspiration. His cooking skills won him hearts while he was on an Air India flight. In the video, he is seen decorating a cake with cream and berries. This gesture was meant to be a sweet goodbye for an airline crew member.

4. Swiggy agent gets a new job thanks to a customer

Food delivery executives go to great lengths to ensure that our food is delivered on time. A lady named Priyanshi helped a delivery man get a new job in a kind gesture. He worked for two companies before losing his job because of the COVID-19 epidemic. He moved back to Jammu. She was praised by the delivery man and even by the Internet for her effort.

5. Birthday Surprise For One-Year-Old By Indigo Airlines

Birthdays can be exciting for everyone, but they are even more so when you’re a child. Indigo Airlines took it a step further by celebrating the first birthday of a little girl on a flight. Not only did they make a special announcement, but they also cut her a delicious birthday cake. The father of the child shared a video of the sweet celebration on Instagram reels.

6. Bengaluru Artist Draws Portrait For Street Vendor

An Instagram video went viral showing an artist creating a beautiful portrait of a street seller in Bengaluru. The artist’s portrait was a surprise for the vendor, an older man busy making bonds. Many people praised the artist for his thoughtfulness and sweet gesture.

This woman’s story of helping her son’s best friend is also inspiring. The lady shared the post on X (formerly Twitter), revealing that her son’s friend had not been eating well the last few days. She prepared two lunches for them so they could both concentrate in class. The gesture moved the Internet.

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