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20-minute stovetop dinner recipes for busy weeknights

Another busy evening where you want to cook and prepare dinner quickly. We have the perfect recipes to help you avoid the stress of ordering takeout and relying on the menus. All you need are a few pans and your stovetop.

Each recipe can be prepared in under 20 minutes. Please take a look at our easy recipes and choose your favorites!

Honey-soy Chicken Stir-Fry with Cashews

This stir-fry is ready in just 20 minutes.

Salmon with lemon garlic butter

The eat-with-your-eyes pan is the stuff of Fish Friday dreams: golden fillets in a buttery, garlicky sauce with spring greens.

15-minute Moroccan Lamb on Couscous

“Slice up the lamb and pile it on a plate. Tell your family that you spent hours making this dish – they won’t believe you!” – Nagi Maharshi.

Quick curry with mango and turmeric for chicken

This easy chicken curry can be made in just 20 minutes and costs only $4.50 per serving.

Super-quick weeknight omelet

Hungry? This super-fast omomeletan can be made in just 10 minutes.

Crispy, sweet chili meat

What more could you ask for in a weeknight meal than a marinated, thinly sliced, crispy scotch filet steak with a sweet-and-sour sauce? The tomato sauce gives this stir-fry a sweet and savory taste. You can add any vegetables you like to it.

One-pot Lemon tarragon Chicken Pasta

The one-pot pasta revolution is here! If you want to use another pasta, cook it for a little less time. Taste it to see if it’s done, and add more water or stock if necessary. If tarragon doesn’t appeal to you, try thyme and chopped chives. You can have dinner ready in no time if you grab a BBQ chicken as you head home.

Thai Chicken and Vermicelli Salad

This quick and easy vermicelli and chicken noodle salad will make a delicious Thai dish within 15 minutes.

Warm paneer lentil salad with chutney dressing

This warm salad is bursting with spicy flavor.

Golden crumbs on tuna and avocado pasta

Use your fork to eat this spaghetti.

Stir-fry with beef, vegetables and sesame.

This fragrant beef and vegetable stir-fry is ready in just 20 minutes.

Healthy bolognese in 20 minutes

The whole family will love this bright and modern beef bolo. gnese It’s made with lentils, cherry tomatoes, and basil. It’s ready in 20 minutes.

15-minute Greek chicken

This one-pan wonder is perfect for those times when you’re in a hurry to get dinner on the plate. In 15 minutes, it’s ready!

Ramen ‘Crazy Night’ with chicken

You’ve probably experienced them too – those hectic weeknights when your kids are ravenous after sports practice, and you have to stay late at work. You’re rushed to get everyone fed, and your good intentions are forgotten. You can save money by having a few essential ingredients in your pantry. This quick and simple recipe will help you fill them up quickly and within your budget. You can use any frozen vegetable mix you want, whether it’s a stir-fry mix or basic peas & corn. Chop up any odd vegetables you wish to use. Kecap Manis is an Indonesian-style soy sauce that’s thick and sweet. The sweetness of the sauce balances the saltiness. You can also add lime juice if you want to make it more exotic.

Chicken and broccoli pasta with five ingredients

This creamy cheat’s pasta can be on your table in just 20 minutes! Add shredded roast chicken, chopped broccoli, sun-dried tomatoes, and Boursin to the dish. If you can’t find Boursin, use cream cheese and two crushed garlic cloves. Replace with two crushed garlic cloves and chopped cream cheese.

Crispy Japanese sushi salmon patties

These irresistible, golden-fried sushi patties can be on your table in just 25 minutes.

Halloumi salad is super easy.

This easy vegetarian halloumi slaw is the perfect solution for those who are short on time. It can be made in less than 20 minutes.

Easy tuna spiced rice

This easy tuna-and-spiced rice dish is a great all-rounder with a lot of flavor.

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