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1990s canteen food that will unlock core memories from your school days

Today, school canteens are much more focused on balance and health than they were in the 1990s.

The Delicious team gathered their brains to remember canteen lunches of our childhood that would absolutely not pass muster in the present day.

Pizza Rounds

The majority of schools had either McCain singles in the microwave or Pizza Rounds. Pizza Roundas are a lunchtime snack that mocks your Australian accent. A Rounda is our Pizza Pocket. It can be either served with a partially frozen center or as hot as the surface of the Sun. Suffer the children.

Yummy Drummies

All processed and crumbed Chicken Sticks, Chippies, and Tenders are included in this category. However, the cartoon drumstick-shaped Yummy Drummy is a nostalgic favorite.

Blasta Pasta

These individual lasagnas in tins are surely a safety hazard. The contents of the tin were essentially lava, and the thin tin sheet between your lunch and hand was not enough to protect you.

JJs Chicken Snacks

JJ’s Chicken Snacks were lunch order food that was top-notch.

Deep Spring Soft Drinks

In the 1990s, some schools kept their Coke vending machine. But a do-gooder decided that as long as the soft drink was bad tasting, it would be a “healthy” alternative. Deep Spring mineral water is now available. These are actually just White Claves.

Chicken burgers

It would be best if you always used the soft hamburger bun. Praise the tangy mayonnaise sauce and sprinkles of the shredded iceberg. A melted square of cheese is a bonus.

There’s a lot of flavored milk.

The three most popular flavored milks were found in almost all canteens. Cartons of milk were a staple for everyone, whether you were a member of the Moove Movement, Oak, or a small group that supported Trev the Dynomite Triceratops.

Spring Rolls

It’s very likely that if you were living in Sydney, you ordered the frozen solid Spring Rolls in bulk from the Manly Freezer Company. These puppies were a staple of our childhood.

Butter-Menthol drops

Either the Butter Menthol Drops or Eucalyptus Drops were the preferred choice for primary schools. Butter Menthol Drops, as they were always called in the canteen, were an odd addition to the menu. These were orange balls in little packets that would get stuck together. Despite searching the internet, they are nowhere to be found. Was it good for us to eat them? Doubtful. Did they taste utterly divine? Absolutely.


The pyramid of dreams! The Sunnyboywas a brilliant ice fuel that kept you going during recess and at lunch. You probably had frozen juice with a paddle stick if your school did not have Sunnyboys.

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